Search Engine Optimization

4 Key Components That A Search Engine Optimization Company Helps Fix

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One of the biggest reasons why traffic diminishes on a website is not because it doesn’t look good, or because it hasn’t been professionally coded, it’s because there are serious issues that need to be addressed. At first glance you may think that you have it all figured out, and upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it is going to take a professional’s eye to look into what is really going on with your site’s diminishing returns. There’s no “one” problem that you will need to tackle, as there are can be numerous problems. When you’re out of ideas as to what is going awry with your page, you may want to look into 4 things a search engine optimization company can help you with. The following issues are just some of the issues you’ll find to be rampant with your website’s issues.


Key #1 Tagging Errors and Missing Fields
The first major component that a search engine optimization company will look into is whether or not your site has crawl errors. Remember, there are more search engines than just Google. Too often, webmasters and business owners assume that they need to focus on only 1 of the search platforms today, and that’s short sighted. Do not just rely on the influence of 1 of these, look at the bigger picture. If you can get your site to be optimized across all pages, wouldn’t you want to do that? The better your page performs, the higher quality of leads and traffic you will receive, guaranteed. Tags are still relevant, so make sure that you have them in place. Headers, title tags, indexes, and anything that needs to be called out, should be.


Key #2 Plugin Errors, and Outdated Tags
For those that are running blog style websites, or are dealing with content management systems, it becomes crucial to ensure that any plugins that are active and any tags that are automatically generated are up to date. If you don’t have everything up to date, you’re better off turning the plugin off. These can cause craw errors and other issues. You may not know that this is the problem, which is why a search engine optimization company will be able to investigate to see if that’s what’s halting the flow of internet search traffic to your site. Sometimes it is as simple as upgrading the software, or updating the URL’s and redirections, and other times it’s a bit more complicated overall.


Key #3 Social Media Integration
Every website and brand should have a social media counterpart. If you do not have any links or attachments to your pages, or you just link to the main homepage of those sites, you will lose out on the opportunity to gain a bit more in the way of SEO. Getting all the links in place, and connecting the dots requires a bit of time and effort. If you can’t get to all of them, or aren’t sure how to make sure that they are featured in an agnostic manner, then you need to hire a professional. Only professionals will get the links hooked up correctly, and ensure that they are working towards the overall picture of optimization for your site.


Key #4 Loading Tim
Your site needs to not only load on command, it needs to do so every single time without problems. Some sites seem to be fine on one computer, then slow down on others. Sometimes pages that are hosted with lackluster webhosting accounts run scripts and errors, among other issues. All of these things need exploration, and that’s where a good search engine optimization company will come into play. They will be able to isolate the issue and find out what may or may not be going on. Once that’s established, they can fix things appropriately and ensure your market share improves in time.