"Air rage" incidents still disturb friendly skies post-September 11 but experts say impact barely perceptible in day-to-day operations.
From Yahoo! News: (Reuters) - Chesapeake Energy Corp plans to sell its pipeline and related assets to Global Infrastructure Partners for more than $4 billion, as the company scrambles to plug an estimated $10 billion funding shortfall and prepares to face what promises to be a fiery annual shareholder meeting later on Friday. The second-largest U.S. ...
From Yahoo! News: (Reuters) - Citigroup said it will not request for any additional return of capital when it resubmits its 2012 capital plan to the Federal Reserve on Monday, and the bank will decide on its 2013 capital plan later this year. The number three U.S. bank was among the few losers when the Federal Reserve released its stress test results in March, allowing most banks to raise dividend
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s and announce share buybacks. The Federal Reserve's schedule requires Citi to submit its 2013 capital plan in January. ...
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U.N. human rights official accused Syria Thursday of engaging in crimes against humanity.
Google's Maps team introduced three new technologies on Wednesday -- advanced 3D models of entire cities, right down down to trees in front of buildings in Google Earth; a new Android-controlled Street View Trekker backpack for capturing images where bikes, cars and planes can't go; and the ability to save offline maps in the Android Maps app.
iReporters transported us all across the globe with their awe-inspiring travel photos in 2011. These are some of our favorites.

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